More In Depth

Realism: this simply means anything I tattoo I do it in a more lifelike 3 dimensional manner. Not many hardlines. I’ve mastered this style when working in black and grey tones which I find to best show the contrast needed for the best result on any skin tone. I do enjoy adding hints of color to accent and highlight certain things within the piece when I see fit I’ll

recommend it.

Coverups: this is when you have an old tattoo your no longer wanting at all and we completely cover it with a brand new design over its place. These pieces can take much more time to complete and even start. The goal is to place something over it to where no one even knows there was a tattoo under the new one and doing this without having to place a black blob of ink with no creativity behind it or just slapping a new piece on top of something old that will eventually show through. The process is way more intricate and strategic therefore costs more and

takes more time.

Restorations: this is when you have an old tattoo that has faded or one that was very poorly executed but you actually really wanted that tattoo originally. In this case I take the piece and make it my own restoring it and fixing it to be even more beautiful than what the original goal might have even been. Some of the cases are quick and simple while others are more of a coverup approach to achieve.

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