My Process

I specialize in black and grey realism (portraits included) as well as cover ups restorations and miniature detail.

I treat every piece as OUR piece; meaning I take as much pride in it as you and want the result to be something unique we’re both proud of in the long run. It’s your tattoo but my artwork after all.

I believe in making every piece unique to the person wearing it. Therefore, I use references as that exactly a reference and guide in creating something unique to you that conveys what your looking to represent while still being aesthetically pleasing to the audience. I do not rush my work but tend to work fast while still keeping full detail and quality.

My goal is to create something beautiful and unique. To where people that don’t even like tattoos just have to compliment the art behind it and make it a conversation piece!

Commonly asked questions.

-No minors!!

-No work starts before deposit!

- I charge by the piece, all depends on the detail, size and intricacies of the piece. All pieces are unique and vary per person, same as all skin types/ canvases vary.

-I give a wide estimates so your already prepared for the cost. In some cases closer to the appointment I’m able to give a more precise estimate.

-Time slots aren’t exact time frames just a time estimate in which the piece/session can be completed.

-Deposits cover design time, labor and research. Only half of the deposit is refundable once the design is complete.

Please have patience waiting for responses!

What’s the difference between realism, cover ups and restorations?